Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Osama and the CIA

Now I know Osama binLaden or whoever is impersonating him on this last videotape is working for the CIA.
Well, binLaden has always been a CIA-asset, since the time he was helping to overthrow the Afghani government in the eighties and drive the Soviet army out.
However now, Osama binLaden is endorsing John Kerry to be elected. He openly appears before a camera mocking Bush for his inaction on 9/11. Bush had stated quite recently that binLaden was no longer important. But there the guy stands threatening other terror-attacks, triumphant, healthy and in best shape; showing quite obviously that Bush has not done a very good job in this so-called war on terrorism.
The confession itself is totally bogus, of course, since everyone who has been researching the evidence thoroughly can tell you without a margin of doubt, that neither binLaden nor Attah could have committed the crimes without inside help. Since there are not enough Muslims in any places of power and influence in the US (like inside NORAD, the military, NYC authorities, destruction companies, phone companies, intelligence communities) the helpers must have been non-Muslims. So why is binLaden not telling the whole world about his many, many non-Muslim helpers, the ones he made a strategic alliance with, and starts mocking the corruption of those western people?
The most logically reason is of course, that neither binLaden nor this impersonation of him were behind the attacks, though there might have been a few Muslim dupes or mercenaries involved. The planners and coordinators were all totally non-Muslims. As a reason for his terrorist acts this binLaden look-alike does not give the story about infidels in the land of Mecca and Medina. No, he says, the reason is America’s support of Israel in the occupation of Lebanon. It is not a secret, that the majority of the CIA has a big problem with the Bush-administration and its Likudite neo-con block.
The CIA and its master Wall Street have not always the same interests as Israel. While they are not opposed to this "War against terrorism", since it enriches the military-industrial complex, they don’t want to do it the Israeli way. John Kerry has promised to go on with this war, just as Bush would have. However, Kerry will be able to pull the Europeans into the boat. This will lower the costs of war and bring greater profits for Wall Street.
The ploy would definitely work, if the election had fixed already by Republican owned voting machines. So let’s see, if the CIA is strong enough to keep the Bush-people from cheating.
However, I’m not sure, what good it will do the American people and the rest of the world, if a different war-is-peace candidate is getting into power. Maybe there will be no more false-flag operations against the American people, since Kerry might be slightly less corrupt and will refrain from killing his own people, who knows. My guess is, that it was not the CIA, which was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but some other agency, closer to the Bush-administration and with the help of the Israeli Mossad.
The CIA however was most definitely involved in the cover-up, even if some of their agents weren’t happy about the operation. Since, if the majority of the public will come to know the truth, people will become so distrustful of any government or any government agency, they would demand openness and ban secrecy, and the CIA would loose most of its power.
Right now the new Bush appointed head of the CIA tries to prevent the publication of a document drafted by the CIA itself, showing who was on duty during 9/11, and who was not prosecuted for negligence but was getting a promotion instead. However, details of the document are leaked left and right, probably by the ones, who wrote the document in the first place.
So the Bush-administration might even be right on one thing: AlQaeda wants John Kerry to be elected, since AlQaeda is a CIA creation. However, AlQaeda was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks, neither was Iraq, Iran or any other Muslim country or organization. John Kerry is not the one who will get us out of disaster and destruction, as so many in the US and around the world hope for.
Our only hope is finding out as much about the truth as possible and getting it out to as many people as possible, and yes, trying to pull the heads of all those mainline ostriches left and right out of the sand.