Saturday, November 13, 2004

I´d wish I was wrong

When you are a conspiracy-theorist people tell you many times, that you are crazy or that you are duped by other crazies and everything you and they found out about the real agendas of our "democratic" governments is just imagination, just in your head.
So I think sometimes: One day I will be able to tell those people, I told you so, this will be my satisfaction.
But then I keep checking myself. It won’t be a satisfaction at all, because by the time, those people will realize I was right together with all the other conspiracy-crazies by that time the world will be in a terrible state, we all will be in agony mourning the good times we had and the future our children won’t have.
No, I told you so, will not be a satisfaction then and it should not now.
For now, I just tell you:
I’d wish I was wrong. I’d wish I really was crazy and the world was not.
I’d wish I was wrong. But I’m afraid I am right.