Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Falludjah and Wagner

Did you know that 'Ride of the Valkyries' by the German Opera composer Richard Wagner was the same melody the Nazis used as underplay in their Wochenschau, the weekly news program being shown in every German movie-theater during the Third Reich.
They used especially this song, when they displayed the "heroes" of the German Wehrmacht (the German army during Nazi-times).
The music and the pictures should proclaim to the German people the "greatness of the Aryan soldiers marching into battle, and conquering the peoples of the lower races in their inequity and cowardice"
Now, here is, how an embedded reporter of the "Chicago Tribune" describes the marching into Falludja on 11/10 2004:
"A psychological operations Humvee blaring Richard Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' drove by, followed by creaking military construction equipment."
What kind of chutzpa do you need to use even the same symbols as the Nazis in WW II?

And still the mainline media and politicians in Europe and America don’t notice anything?
How blind can you be?
No, I do not think any European politician is blind, nor is the media. They do notice.
But Europe is watching with her mouth closed.
We are cowards, politicians, media and most citizens.
We are afraid of America, terribly afraid. We do not want to become the focus of it’s military attention, atomic bombs, or maybe a biological weapon, just a sneaky virus, or a covered operation, instigating civil war between Christian and Muslim citizens in our countries.
And so, we keep quiet, closing eyes and ears as well, hoping, when we open them again, the nightmare will be over and nothing will have happened to us.
And so, we become guilty as well. There are no innocent bystanders, when genocide is committed. Silence means consent and encouragement for the murderer.
If there will be a time of reckoning, we will sit on the same bench with him as accomplices.
And one day our grandchildren might ask us, why did you watch and let them happen, these terrible crimes against humanity.
They will ask, just as I have asked my own German grandmother.
And she just told me: " I didn’t know."
But this time it will even be a worse excuse than last. For how could anyone not know?
But who knows, maybe there will not be any grandchildren to ask questions this time? Maybe there never will be any, again - nowhere