Monday, November 01, 2004

Facts and speculations

This blog will talk about facts and speculations, trying to make sense from what I have read on- and off-line.
Sometimes I will be probably widely off mark, but then, I can never be more off mark than the mainline media is most of the time.

My kids keep telling me, whenever conspiracy stuff and world-politics come up in our family-conversation, that we do not have to be afraid. Living in my husband’s small country, which never has been involved in war for many centuries, we are on the safest place in the world. I do not contradict them, of course, because I remember how it was, when I was a kid. My own country had been deeply involved in many wars, but that was a few decades ago, and for a child this seems like an eternity. I was deeply troubled by the pictures of war and suffering children on the news, and I prayed hard that God will stop the wars, but I myself still felt totally safe, since it was happening a long, long way from where I was, on the other end of world.
Being all grown up now, things look different.
When the Empire falls, it might pull the whole world with it into final disaster. And there might be no safe place, not even on the remotest island of this earth. And it is not my religious side, that believes in that Armageddon, it is the secular one.
We know, that those passionate war-lovers in Washington, including their pay-masters and their half-crazed fans, have no scruples whatsoever to use nuclear weapons on every perceived enemy and possibly competitor, no matter what the incalculable consequences might be. But what I am even more afraid of, are all the biological weapons they have. The death of those many microbiologists sure seems suspicious; especially after these PNAC-gangsters, have stated publicly that they would like to use that kind of weapons, when they can be aimed against a single race. For God’s sake don’t those racists.....( Dreckschweine doesn’t quite get it, there is not a swear-word bad enough for them in any language I can understand,) know, that a virus can mutate, so no vaccine can protect you any more, and a bacteria can become resistant to any kind of antibiotic. The mischievous and intellectually challenged magician’s apprentices are unlocking powers, they never can get back into the bottle and it does not look as if the master will come home in time to bail them out.
Oh, you of little faith! That is what my parish-priest would say.

And I just keep on praying just as I have done as a little kid. The Vietnam War has ended, hasn’t it? And when I was little, I steadfastly believed, it was my prayers that ended it.