Sunday, December 12, 2004

American education

Rules and discipline "über alles".
If you look at the news-story below you see a frightened little girl, who has broken a rule without knowing it, and a school administration together with a police department gone bananas on rules and regulations.
For me this is one more sign of a growing fascist atmosphere, the infatuation with rules, without regard for the well being of even the weakest members of society.
Yes, a story like this does not happen every day, but still it is a symptom.
There are other symptoms of course:
Children can go to jail for 10 years or longer for non-violent crimes. Political protesters can get many years or even life-sentences for civil disobedience.
Adolescent and retarded offenders can get death penalties.
Terrorist suspects (everybody looking Arabic or like a dissident) can be held in secret prisons indefinitely without any sentence at all.
This is America today, the "land of the free and the brave", with the biggest prison population per capita of the population in the western world and scared to death by 10-year old girls with scissors.

"4th-grader arrested for having scissors at school
Associated Press
Dec. 11, 2004,

PHILADELPHIA -- A 10-year-old girl was placed in handcuffs and taken to a police station because she took a pair of scissors to her elementary school.
School district officials said the fourth-grade student did not threaten anyone with the 8-inch shears, but violated a rule that considers scissors to be potential weapons.
Administrators said they were following state law when they called police Thursday, and police said they were following department rules when they handcuffed Porsche Brown and took her away in a patrol wagon.
"My daughter cried and cried," said her mother, Rose Jackson. "She had no idea what she did was wrong. I think that was way too harsh."
Police officers decided the girl had not committed a crime and let her go.
However, school officials suspended her for five days. Administrators will decide at a hearing whether she may return to class, or be expelled to a special disciplinary school.
The scissors were discovered while students' belongings were being searched for property missing from a teacher's desk.
School district officials have promised a crackdown on unruly students this year, and new policies give administrators the power to expel students for infractions as minor as violating the dress code, chronic tardiness or habitual swearing.
Administrators say the steps are needed to regain control over a notoriously unruly school system, but some parents have complained that discipline has been overly harsh and that school officials have been too quick to call police about minor problems."

Friday, November 19, 2004

The New Mongols

- US Troops On A Killing Spree
An open letter
Sam Hamod
an expert on the Middle East, a former advisor to the U.S. State Department on Middle East and Islam; he also edited, 3rd World News (in D.C.). He also edits . He is at


There is an old prophecy among the Iraqis that says that when the Khan was wounded, after he'd conquered Iraq, that as he went home to die that he would return some day to once again conquer Baghdad. The Iraqis remember this prophecy and they have sworn on the Qur'an that when he returned he might once again burn Baghdad as did Ibn Timur (Tamerlane) but that they would set fire to his camps wherever they found them until the Mongols had to go home again.

America was basically a true Christian leaning nation, America as far as the world was concerned followed Jesus' dictum in the Beatitudes and in Matthew where Jesus said,

"Blessed are the peacemakers," and things that relate to justice, peace and mercy. Somehow, Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Allawi have turned the American troops, most of whom were raised as God-fearing, decent, merciful Christians into Mongols. It's as if they never read Jesus' words, or that they forgot the New Testament, that they read the Old Testament or some Mongol book on warfare. Or America may have let the Mossad of Israel and the IDF teach American troops the Israeli/ Nazi SS style which has been used for years on the Palestinian civilian population.

There are strong parallels between what happened in Fallujah and what the Israelis did in Ramallah, Hebron and other Palestinian cities. The dictum was, "Destroy everything, kill anything that moves and terrorize them into submission." This is exactly what our troops are doing in Iraq, just as their Israeli trainers told them to do. But, as with Palestine, in the short term it may work, but in the long term, you will have made enemies who will never forget and who will someday take their revenge.

Otherwise, why would our young men and women go into battle saying, "Let's kill'em all," and "Send their souls to hell," and other such things when they gunned down women, children and Iraqi resistance fighters. Why would an American helicopter crew gun down women and children trying to escape Fallujah who were crossing a river in broad daylight. Why would one of our officers gun down wounded civilians in a mosque. We have no excuses except that somehow our troops have become dehumanized. I lay the blame at the U.S. leadership who had the gall and immoral judgement to bring in the Mossad and the Israeli IDF and to send commanders to Israel for further training in this brutal style of warfare not seen since the Mongols (but then again, perhaps we did see it in Viet Nam with Agent Orange and My Lai, etc. but not on this scale). Perhaps this is also why even in Israel there are more and more refuseniks, and in America over 30% of our troops are coming back with mental problems-because it's in conflict with their Christian upbringing and for the refuseniks it's in conflict with the moral aspects of Judaism.

There are hundreds of stories as of this past week from eye-witnesses, from photographers, from BBC correspondents, from NBC and from independent writers and people who escaped the blistering shelling and helicopter straffings who have spoken of women and children trying to escape the bombing who were gunned down by our troops, gunned down by helicopters as they were trying to cross a river, being blown to bits by tanks as they hid in their homes.

THE QUESTION WE MUST ASK OURSELVES IS, WHO MADE OUR TROOPS INTO MONGOLS ON A KILLING SPREE? We must also ask, as I did over 2 years ago, what is going to happen "'When the Killers Come Home"? We already have evidence from North Carolina and other bases that many of these men abused their wives on their return, others killed them, others are so mentally sick that they cannot return home. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHRISTIAN TRAINING OUR TROOPS HAD. I think it has been corrupted by the un-Christian commanders who claim they are Christians, like General Boykin, Settle in Morocco, Bush in the White House and the Israeli influence on our military commanders. This also is related to the new batch of ministers that have been sent in by the military, most of whom are "born again Christians, " who have somehow developed a hatred for Islam and an allegiance to Israel through their political indoctrination by such as Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson.

A friend of mine, a Christian minister had asked the same questions when he visited Camp Pendleton, the big Marine base close to San Diego. I do not use his name or denomination for fear of what he called, "possible reprisals from the base command," but he said that many hundreds of troops who came back from Iraq had either turned so cold that they refused to talk about Christ and mercy, and others broke down and cried about what they'd done to women and children. Many of them spoke of the commanders ordering them to terrorize everyone in Iraq in order to make victory short and sweet, that these Iraqis were "heathens," and "sons and daughters of satan," and that they were doing "God's work." Unfortunately, too few of our troops have had the courage to say, "NO." Or the intelligence or religious training to know how to stand up to what was an obvious lie and distortion of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

My- Lai in VietNam pales beside the butchery our Mongol-like troops, on the ground and in the air, have performed against these civilians and even against the resistance fighters who were but defending their families, their homes, their city and their country. Wouldn't we have done the same; wouldn't we do the same, defend our families, our homes, our cities and our country?

It is time we all did something about this, for a start, send this article to your ministers, to your rabbis, to your friends and most of all to your senators and congressmen and to George W. Bush himself so that he may hopefully wake-up from the narcotic of war and return to the words of Jesus, "Mercy, " and "Blessed are the peacemakers," not those who make war or kill women and children.

This curse of the Mongols is on his head and ours if we don't stop this-Bush has no mandate from God or man to order the killing on this scale (and yes, he is the man who pulls the strings on Allawi, to order this brutal and inhumane attack on Fallujah), everyone knows that unless they were born without a brain or a moral conscience.

As you are all aware, the world now sees us as butchers. One German friend said it reminded him of Dresden; I agree. One British friend who has lived in London all his life said it reminded him of when Hitler would bomb and sent rockets into London in WWII. A friend who served in Viet Nam said he can no longer watch the news because it brings back memories of atrocities in Viet Nam. Muslims from all over the world have written me saying they cannot believe the Americans have allowed themselves to become so bestial-they now see America as in league with the devil. Ironically, Khomeni could not get anyone to see America as "the great satan," but it took George W. Bush and his minions only a few years to do exactly that, to show America is now the great satan in Muslim eyes.

While I agree with Mr. Hamod in all points, there is one thing I would like to add. Therefore I wrote a letter to him:

Dear Mr. Hamod

9/11 was the beginning of WW IV, this is what the neocons say and what they have planned a long time ago.
The troops and the population of America are indoctrinated by 9/11.
There is now enough evidence available on and offline, to prove that the 9/11attacks could never ever been committed by Islamic terrorists on their own. It was an inside job, and everybody looking at the evidence with an open mind knows that.
When the real culprits of 9/11 will be caught, it can no longer be used as a propaganda tool.
Then this so called "War on Terrorism" will stop and the war criminals will be send to trial.
When the propaganda is undone and the "big lie"revealed, the masses will no longer follow the "Führer".
Then "we will know the truth and the truth will set us free."

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Balance of power

Russian President Putin declares Russia is building atomic bombs more advanced than what any other atomic power has to show for their money.
Why does he do this so publicly before the technology is even fully developed?
He is threatening, do not mess with us. We are capable of more than you think.
We are approaching a new Cold War, which hopefully will end America’s hot wars, the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq and the ones planned for the future.
In the same way we might possibly see the announcement of the Director of a Russian Government Virology institute as a threat, that a deadly flu Virus might be on the way, killing up to a billion people in the world.
The virus would be related to the Chinese bird virus and since the USA and Russian have about the same population, in both countries the same number of people would probably die.
So could this mean: If you release a virus on us, we will release one on you, one you won’t have a vaccine for, just as we don’t have one for yours?
Well, we cannot see into the heads of those politicians. We will not know for sure, what they have in mind, but right now threats are fine with me.
I’m all for a balance of power.
The world is at the edge of a cliff; whatever keeps it from falling over is fine with me.
But one day we will have to get rid of the insane forces, which keep trying to push us over.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Falludjah and Wagner

Did you know that 'Ride of the Valkyries' by the German Opera composer Richard Wagner was the same melody the Nazis used as underplay in their Wochenschau, the weekly news program being shown in every German movie-theater during the Third Reich.
They used especially this song, when they displayed the "heroes" of the German Wehrmacht (the German army during Nazi-times).
The music and the pictures should proclaim to the German people the "greatness of the Aryan soldiers marching into battle, and conquering the peoples of the lower races in their inequity and cowardice"
Now, here is, how an embedded reporter of the "Chicago Tribune" describes the marching into Falludja on 11/10 2004:
"A psychological operations Humvee blaring Richard Wagner's 'Ride of the Valkyries' drove by, followed by creaking military construction equipment."
What kind of chutzpa do you need to use even the same symbols as the Nazis in WW II?

And still the mainline media and politicians in Europe and America don’t notice anything?
How blind can you be?
No, I do not think any European politician is blind, nor is the media. They do notice.
But Europe is watching with her mouth closed.
We are cowards, politicians, media and most citizens.
We are afraid of America, terribly afraid. We do not want to become the focus of it’s military attention, atomic bombs, or maybe a biological weapon, just a sneaky virus, or a covered operation, instigating civil war between Christian and Muslim citizens in our countries.
And so, we keep quiet, closing eyes and ears as well, hoping, when we open them again, the nightmare will be over and nothing will have happened to us.
And so, we become guilty as well. There are no innocent bystanders, when genocide is committed. Silence means consent and encouragement for the murderer.
If there will be a time of reckoning, we will sit on the same bench with him as accomplices.
And one day our grandchildren might ask us, why did you watch and let them happen, these terrible crimes against humanity.
They will ask, just as I have asked my own German grandmother.
And she just told me: " I didn’t know."
But this time it will even be a worse excuse than last. For how could anyone not know?
But who knows, maybe there will not be any grandchildren to ask questions this time? Maybe there never will be any, again - nowhere

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I´d wish I was wrong

When you are a conspiracy-theorist people tell you many times, that you are crazy or that you are duped by other crazies and everything you and they found out about the real agendas of our "democratic" governments is just imagination, just in your head.
So I think sometimes: One day I will be able to tell those people, I told you so, this will be my satisfaction.
But then I keep checking myself. It won’t be a satisfaction at all, because by the time, those people will realize I was right together with all the other conspiracy-crazies by that time the world will be in a terrible state, we all will be in agony mourning the good times we had and the future our children won’t have.
No, I told you so, will not be a satisfaction then and it should not now.
For now, I just tell you:
I’d wish I was wrong. I’d wish I really was crazy and the world was not.
I’d wish I was wrong. But I’m afraid I am right.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Election Night

So far, it looks as if Bush will get another turn. Is it a real election or is it fixed by fraudulent voting machines. Who knows?
But should I really care?
There is no actual difference between Bush and Kerry, not in the important issues of war or peace, anyway. In Germany, people are speculating that with a Kerry Presidency it would be harder to reject military or financial involvement into the Iraq war. So maybe Bush would be better, so the "Old Europe" will keep on holding its distance.
What angers me a bit, is how all the TV pundits see the appearance of Bush at home with his family before TV-cameras as something important for the rest of the world to watch over and over again. It just goes to show how superficial our media is - in Europe just as in the US.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Osama and the CIA

Now I know Osama binLaden or whoever is impersonating him on this last videotape is working for the CIA.
Well, binLaden has always been a CIA-asset, since the time he was helping to overthrow the Afghani government in the eighties and drive the Soviet army out.
However now, Osama binLaden is endorsing John Kerry to be elected. He openly appears before a camera mocking Bush for his inaction on 9/11. Bush had stated quite recently that binLaden was no longer important. But there the guy stands threatening other terror-attacks, triumphant, healthy and in best shape; showing quite obviously that Bush has not done a very good job in this so-called war on terrorism.
The confession itself is totally bogus, of course, since everyone who has been researching the evidence thoroughly can tell you without a margin of doubt, that neither binLaden nor Attah could have committed the crimes without inside help. Since there are not enough Muslims in any places of power and influence in the US (like inside NORAD, the military, NYC authorities, destruction companies, phone companies, intelligence communities) the helpers must have been non-Muslims. So why is binLaden not telling the whole world about his many, many non-Muslim helpers, the ones he made a strategic alliance with, and starts mocking the corruption of those western people?
The most logically reason is of course, that neither binLaden nor this impersonation of him were behind the attacks, though there might have been a few Muslim dupes or mercenaries involved. The planners and coordinators were all totally non-Muslims. As a reason for his terrorist acts this binLaden look-alike does not give the story about infidels in the land of Mecca and Medina. No, he says, the reason is America’s support of Israel in the occupation of Lebanon. It is not a secret, that the majority of the CIA has a big problem with the Bush-administration and its Likudite neo-con block.
The CIA and its master Wall Street have not always the same interests as Israel. While they are not opposed to this "War against terrorism", since it enriches the military-industrial complex, they don’t want to do it the Israeli way. John Kerry has promised to go on with this war, just as Bush would have. However, Kerry will be able to pull the Europeans into the boat. This will lower the costs of war and bring greater profits for Wall Street.
The ploy would definitely work, if the election had fixed already by Republican owned voting machines. So let’s see, if the CIA is strong enough to keep the Bush-people from cheating.
However, I’m not sure, what good it will do the American people and the rest of the world, if a different war-is-peace candidate is getting into power. Maybe there will be no more false-flag operations against the American people, since Kerry might be slightly less corrupt and will refrain from killing his own people, who knows. My guess is, that it was not the CIA, which was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but some other agency, closer to the Bush-administration and with the help of the Israeli Mossad.
The CIA however was most definitely involved in the cover-up, even if some of their agents weren’t happy about the operation. Since, if the majority of the public will come to know the truth, people will become so distrustful of any government or any government agency, they would demand openness and ban secrecy, and the CIA would loose most of its power.
Right now the new Bush appointed head of the CIA tries to prevent the publication of a document drafted by the CIA itself, showing who was on duty during 9/11, and who was not prosecuted for negligence but was getting a promotion instead. However, details of the document are leaked left and right, probably by the ones, who wrote the document in the first place.
So the Bush-administration might even be right on one thing: AlQaeda wants John Kerry to be elected, since AlQaeda is a CIA creation. However, AlQaeda was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks, neither was Iraq, Iran or any other Muslim country or organization. John Kerry is not the one who will get us out of disaster and destruction, as so many in the US and around the world hope for.
Our only hope is finding out as much about the truth as possible and getting it out to as many people as possible, and yes, trying to pull the heads of all those mainline ostriches left and right out of the sand.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Facts and speculations

This blog will talk about facts and speculations, trying to make sense from what I have read on- and off-line.
Sometimes I will be probably widely off mark, but then, I can never be more off mark than the mainline media is most of the time.

My kids keep telling me, whenever conspiracy stuff and world-politics come up in our family-conversation, that we do not have to be afraid. Living in my husband’s small country, which never has been involved in war for many centuries, we are on the safest place in the world. I do not contradict them, of course, because I remember how it was, when I was a kid. My own country had been deeply involved in many wars, but that was a few decades ago, and for a child this seems like an eternity. I was deeply troubled by the pictures of war and suffering children on the news, and I prayed hard that God will stop the wars, but I myself still felt totally safe, since it was happening a long, long way from where I was, on the other end of world.
Being all grown up now, things look different.
When the Empire falls, it might pull the whole world with it into final disaster. And there might be no safe place, not even on the remotest island of this earth. And it is not my religious side, that believes in that Armageddon, it is the secular one.
We know, that those passionate war-lovers in Washington, including their pay-masters and their half-crazed fans, have no scruples whatsoever to use nuclear weapons on every perceived enemy and possibly competitor, no matter what the incalculable consequences might be. But what I am even more afraid of, are all the biological weapons they have. The death of those many microbiologists sure seems suspicious; especially after these PNAC-gangsters, have stated publicly that they would like to use that kind of weapons, when they can be aimed against a single race. For God’s sake don’t those racists.....( Dreckschweine doesn’t quite get it, there is not a swear-word bad enough for them in any language I can understand,) know, that a virus can mutate, so no vaccine can protect you any more, and a bacteria can become resistant to any kind of antibiotic. The mischievous and intellectually challenged magician’s apprentices are unlocking powers, they never can get back into the bottle and it does not look as if the master will come home in time to bail them out.
Oh, you of little faith! That is what my parish-priest would say.

And I just keep on praying just as I have done as a little kid. The Vietnam War has ended, hasn’t it? And when I was little, I steadfastly believed, it was my prayers that ended it.