Thursday, November 18, 2004

Balance of power

Russian President Putin declares Russia is building atomic bombs more advanced than what any other atomic power has to show for their money.
Why does he do this so publicly before the technology is even fully developed?
He is threatening, do not mess with us. We are capable of more than you think.
We are approaching a new Cold War, which hopefully will end America’s hot wars, the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq and the ones planned for the future.
In the same way we might possibly see the announcement of the Director of a Russian Government Virology institute as a threat, that a deadly flu Virus might be on the way, killing up to a billion people in the world.
The virus would be related to the Chinese bird virus and since the USA and Russian have about the same population, in both countries the same number of people would probably die.
So could this mean: If you release a virus on us, we will release one on you, one you won’t have a vaccine for, just as we don’t have one for yours?
Well, we cannot see into the heads of those politicians. We will not know for sure, what they have in mind, but right now threats are fine with me.
I’m all for a balance of power.
The world is at the edge of a cliff; whatever keeps it from falling over is fine with me.
But one day we will have to get rid of the insane forces, which keep trying to push us over.