Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why Racism is Self-Defeating

Zionism is a racist ideology that presupposes that Jews cannot live in peace with Gentiles.

Zionism also presupposes that the Jewish people need their own state in wich to live either all alone or have at least different laws, for the Jewish and the gentile population, i.e., the Palestinians.

Neverthelss, despite its racist underpinnings, we should never counter Zionist racism with racist anti-Jewish arguments, that blame the behavior of Zionists on Jewish genes.

Any and all racism is always anti-humanistic and it is also self-defeating in the long run and there are several reasons why:

FIRST: You deprive yourself of allies.

If you insist that your opponent is the way he is because of the genes of his collective group, then you cannot hope for dissidents or whistle-blowers from this group to work with you. Since any dissidents from the same group will have the same genes, they will therefore feel threatened by you.

Similarly, members of other groups will be very wary of you. They can´t be confident that one day you will not also turn on them, for having the wrong kind of genes.

SECOND: Racism against this group will strengthen group cohesion.

People will be too afraid to leave the group and leaving behind the only protection they might have (or at least they think they have) against violent racist attacks from others who might think like you do.

THIRD: Your racism can be used by your opponents as a convenient cover for false flag attacks and hoaxes.

Let´s take France.

After Ariel Sharon called on the French Jews to move to Israel because of a "terrible rise in anti-semitic attacks". Some highly publicized "anti-semitic" attacks happened. In many cases the culprits could not be aprehended, so nobody actually knew who was resposible. In a few cases, however, the police could prove the attacks were self-inflicted, in other words hoaxes.

Another example - in Iraq the Israeli Mossad attacked Jewish synagogues, while at the same time pamphlets with anti-jewish slogans were printed. This stampeded Iraqi Jews into Israel.

FOURTH: Racism can be made into a tool to divide and conquer.

In Rwanda the western Imperialist created an upper class of Africans on "racial" criterias, like a lighter color of skin and more caucasian facial features. This artificial "upper class", the Tutsis, was then used to rule the rest of the indigenous people, the Hutus.

After the end of the colonial rule this Tutsi upper class believed in their own superiority and did not want any democratic rule by the majority Hutu population. The civil war out of this, heavily subsidized by the CIA, resulted in the well known Rwandan genocide, with a million or more victims, both Hutu and Tutsi.

Racism can also divide anti-imperialism movements.

Arguments based on racism will discredit all other arguments made, since they now seem just a thin disguise for replacing one supremacism with another.

There is another aspect worth considering:

While it seems to some people that their racism might be based on sound scientific or historic facts, it is in reality far more based on a very selective reading of facts.

Let´s take the mutilation of womens´breast as war-crimes. They were documented in a book of Soviet atrocoties against the Germans, who were to be driven out of Eastern Europe.

One commentator on this site states that similar atrocities have been committed in ancient history by a "turanic" tribe who might have been distantly related to the Jewish commanders of the Soviet soldiers who commited those crimes.

But are those crimes therefore symptomatic for some genetic trait?

If the author of the book documenting these atrocities was not just the German equivalent of Ilya Ehrenburg (a skilled Soviet propagandist), then it is certainly a fact that terrible war-crimes have been committed against German women.

However, those crimes were not unprecedented and they were not only commited by other "turanic" tribes.

The mutilation and mass-rape of women is a tactic which has been used many times in history in order to terrorize the civilian population in the area which was conquered by invading colonialists to get the population to succumb to the invaders.

Reports from human rights activists who came to villages in Nicaragua after the American trained and financed Contras had attacked them, show very similar accounts of atrocities: Womens´ breasts had been cut off and the bellies especially of pregnant women had been slashed open.

Similar atrocities have been committed by American financed death-squads in El Salvador against local women and against female foreign aid workers.
There was a report about 4 American church women, who had been raped, mutilated and their underwear stuffed into their mouths.

Contra- and other death-squad-commanders have been trained in the "School of the Americas," where they were 'schooled' in the "art" of state-terrorism.

America has become an economic invader into many developing countries in the last century, often accompamied by either covert military acts (death-squads) or open ones, (the army, navy, air-force or the marines)

Fear is the most effective tool that can be used to keep a population from rising up against oppression and injustice.

Deception, like false flag attacks and demonisation of the opponent, is another one.

But one does not have to do the mutilating at close range with a knife.

Nowadays you just drop a bomb or shoot a missile into a civilian area and body parts get detached from women and children, all alive at the moment they are being bombed, some of them even afterwards suffering terrible agony and pain before they finally succumb to their wounds.

This tactic of utmost cruelty towards defenseless victims is NOT unique to a single tribe, nation, ethnicity or group.

Cruelty derives from a cruel philosophy: from the notion that some have the inborn right to dominate others,

Either they think they are better than those others because of their collective genes - a better more deserving race -

Or they think they are individually stronger or more intelligent- a social-darwinist view -

Or they believe that they are even spiritually more deserving - an esoteric view -

But the dehumanisation of others as belonging to a less worth-while ethnic, social or spiritual group as oneself, is what makes these atrocities possible.

These atrocities have happened in history many times before and they are happening right now - and they must be stopped before they kill every last one of us in the process