Tuesday, January 30, 2007

American Paranoia and the Myth of Invincibility

Armageddon around the corner, alien abductions, rays from space, shape-shifting reptile like illuminati ruling the world for thousands of years....where did this come from and why is the belief in these strange theories so much a nearly exclusive American phenomena?

There has been the science-fiction craze in popular culture, in books, movies and TV-series.

This culture has been exported to all western countries and even to other parts of the world as well.

But only in America are there a considerable number of people who cannot see the difference between science-fiction fantasy and every day reality.

One reason might also be the psychotherapy craze in America.
People who have lost faith in God, needed some other kind of guidance.
The practices in many psychotherapy sessions are often close to hypnosis or self-induced trance combined with suggestive questioning, which then breaks down the barrier between memories and fantasy.

Psychotherapy is nowhere as wide-spread as in America, but it is still somewhat common in other countries as well. So why the difference?

What comes out of psychotherapy is mostly the belief system that the patient and especially the therapist have put in it in the first place.

So how did these beliefs start?

In all likelihood and with the exception of the Christian Zionist rapture movement, they were not a deliberately created disinformation campaign, as some suggest, rather they are a consequence of the schizophrenic national security politics.

It probably started with the Manhattan Project. After WWII the secrecy and deceptions of it was taken over into other, now cold war, projects.

Military experiments and new technology was now routinely covered up and made into some top secret national security matter. This lead to the first sightings of "UFOs".

When John F. Kennedy was murdered and during the subsequent cover-up by the media, the military deceptions entered into the stage of political schizophrenia. Every informed person was pressured into believing the unbelievable.

Truth had become so twisted, that it seemed no longer to matter at all. It had become totally relative to what the "powers that be" wanted you to believe.

Now combine the culture of deception with the "duck and cover" mentality created in the 60s to enforce paranoid fear of the Soviet Union and then you get, what we have now, a paranoid fear of things that don´t exist and a near inability to confront the real problems and seek reasonable solutions.

Sure there are financial elites with agendas opposed to the common good of most nations. But those elites are neither aliens, nor are they all powerful.

They do have influence within governments and parliaments, bribing and blackmailing everyone they can.

But then, not everybody can be bribed.

They own a lot of media and can influence, hire and fire editors for their compliance or non-compliance.

But still, truth has a habit of coming out through the cracks.

National intelligence organisations are said to be instruments of the ruling financial elites.

And yes they are.

But there are still dissidents, whistle blowers and defectors, who have come forth and become agents of truth and justice.

While the paranoid American mind-set was not deliberatly created by the financial elites, it sure is now used by their agents to spread disinformation and unproven rumors in order to introduce a learned helplessness into the population.

This particualar learned helplessness tells you that whatever powers there are behind the scenes of big politic, they are invincible.

And this is the most egregious deception of them all, a myth created for the mildly paranoid, by the intensely paranoid, to keep the former distracted and helpless against the latter.