Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Operation Gladio on the Internet?

A few years back the German government tried through a court decision to ban the party of the ultra-right nationalists NPD for unconstitutional behavior and terroristic acts committed by party-members.

The court was very thorough, probably a bit too thorough for the taste of the government.
For the court found out, that they just couldn´t ban the NPD, because no less than half of the leadership of the party was on the pay-roll of the Verfassungsschutz (which has similar functions as the undercover units of the FBI).
So the court said, that they could not be sure wich crimes were committed spontaneously and which were instigated by possible agent provocateurs.

You might have heard about "operation gladio". Operation Gladio was some originally kind of left-behind project organized by the CIA. It´s suposed purpose was to function as a sabotage team in case the Soviets would take over western Europe.
Later on however it became a project for false-flag terrorism, whereby those terror acts were blamed on radical left-wing groups.
In Italy this covert CIA project financed in part the ultra-left Red Brigades in terror activities. Sometimes, as in the Bologna train station bombing, they also resorted to right-wing Masonic organisations like the P2 and just build up the Red Brigades as patsies.
In Italy the man organizing these murders was Michael Ledeen.

In Germany the equivalent of the Red Brigades was the Baader Meinhof group, which called itself RAF.

Former Minister Andreas von Bülow wrote, that at least the third generation of the RAF did never exist and the murders of politicians and economic leaders who were opposed to the whole sale slaughter of the east-German economy after the fall of the wall was really a covert ploy by rogue intelligence units.

But some informed people consider even the first generation of the RAF being infiltrated by intelligence units amd agemt provocateurs.
After the leadership was imprisoned, inspite of their solitary confinement, they all commited simultanious suicide - all except one.
He, Horst Mahler, like the others guilty of murder and terrorist acts, sat in for only 8 years.
When he left prison he turned to the ultra-right-wing.
Right now he is busy discrediting the 9/11 truth-movement and holocaust revisionism.
He turns up at 9/11 conferences and whenever anybody of the researchers explains his point, an interview with Horst Mahler is put next to the interview with the researcher, making the point that any 9/11 researcher is best friend and on the same political line as Horst Mahler.

He also shows up at the revisionist Ernst Zündel trial publishing hate-spewing letters against the German republic and the justice system, indirectly even threatening them with mass-murder.

I could be wrong about the connections, but I´m a conspiracy-theorist after all, and therefore I theorize.

The PNAC papers named the internet as one of the battle fields for American "full spectrum domination".
The famous investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has heard about Pentagon plans to fill the internet with false and misleading information.

I made quite a few strange experiences, when I used to post on German message boards just around the time before the beginning of the Iraq war. Although 85% of the German population was totally against this war, just as most other Europeans, the German internet message boards seemed to be filled with pro-war people.
Some of them pretended to be Germans, while their argumentation did not sound like anything we had heard other Germans us before. Others admitted to being American. Some coudl speak little German others could quote German politicians, from 30 or 40 years ago, better than any German I have heard doing, as if they had a big file of quotes. Some of them were extremely rude and aggressiv and ohters ðlayed strange mind-games. They just didn´t act like normal people just sharing their opinion. And they seemed to be online 24/7. It all had a eery feeling to it.
One guy, who had harrassed a highly frequented German message board, after one of his usually rants and personal attacks against any anti-war people, he told us a bit about himself.
True or not true, I don´t know.
He said, he had worked all over the world, was now in Germany tending the graves of American soldiers from WWII.
And he used to work as a plumber.

Well.... maybe he thought, Germans would not understand this kind of inside joke. Or maybe he just liked bragging.
Anyway, even while I was still politically very naive at that time, I had heard about the "plumbers".

So I guess retired "plumbers" now get jobs at monitoring the WWW.

Let´s come to Israel and the Zionists.
As I stated in another post, I think, they have lost the war for the public opinion.
The paper on the Lobby and Carter´s book are only two of the coffin nails. There are many.
However, they don´t think they have lost, but they sure are getting desperate.

Zionist Israel is not only protected by its military might.
Without its defense-wall of propaganda, it could not support this military.

Israel has the economy of maybe Belgium or Denmark. There is no way such an economy could support the fourth biggest military machine in the world.
Without the money from America and Germany, Israel would have been broke a long time ago.
When the propaganda wall is broken, the money-floods will dry out.

So it is not beyond imagination that some sites, with have a readership of a few thousands or a few hundred thousands might be targeted by damage control people.

In Germany American intelligence has definitely employed a crew of them.

What would be the most efficient way to discredit the anti-Zionist movement?

Let´s see, what about unpacking an old Nazi ideology from the trash-chambers of history and attaching it to the anti-Zionist movement?

How to do it best?
Well, one could of course agree with everything the anti-Zionists say about the crimes of Israel against the Palestinians and the instigation of wars against other Muslim nations by the Israel first Neocons.
And then one could blame all those war-crimes and the treason against America on the genetic make-up of the Jewish people.
And yes, I have heard this kind of argumantation quite a lot recently, and it made me think.

Of course, this Nazi ideology, that Jews are genetically doomed to be a parasite people, will scare the heck out of anybody who comes from a Jewish family.
And if this argumentation is used widely in anti-Zionist circles it would prove the Zionists right, that anti-Zionism is just a thin disguise for anti-semitism which is the believe that Jews are bad by nature and need to be contained and isolated, possibly even murdered.

I allways saw it as a bad move to call others names and imply foul play, because even if I think somebodies views are totally wrong, this person might still be sincere in his or her belief.

The trouble however is, that while I might be slightly paranoid here, many Jewish people in Israel and many outside of Israel are far more paranoid than I am.

As many Israeli and other writers with Jewish background have stated: Fear of being physically targeted for mass-murder or even extermination is deeply ingrained in Jewish culture.
This is the reason for Israel´s "Samson option". They actually believe that if
Zionist Israel falls, they as Jews will have no way of survival, so they might as well take the rest of the world with them into oblivion.

So in order to lower this fear, one has to make clear, that there is survival of Jews as individuals and even as Jewish people beyond Zionism.
And not only this, one has to make clear that Zionism per se is actually a danger to Jewish survival as individuals and as a people.

Every person of Jewish background needs to see an open door through wich he or she can leave Zionism into the safe home of the rest of humanity.

When Zionist behavior is made equivalent with Jewish genes, the door is closed.
And we´ve got the Samson option on the table.
Do we really want that?
While between 200 and 600 Israeli nukes, some of them on German gift-wrapped sub-marines, might not kill us all, they sure can give it a good try.

The Israeli leadership is insane.
The financial elitist leadership of world Zionism doesn't care one way or the other as long as the nukes won't hit them personally. They never cared for the well-being of ordinary Jews in the first place ( just look at the behavior of the world Zionist organisations during WWII), or of gentiles for that matter.
It´s all just a game for them.

We really do not need to increase insanity and paranoia at the moment by aiding a few Nazi oildrops into the explosive mixture.

We need some sanity to regain power again, even in Israel.
Yes the sane people there are a minority right now, but they are the most informed and intelligent Jewish Israelis. They might have a chance.

And in America, they do not need some extra racist craziness either. There the 9/11 truth-seekers and the anti-Zionists are the most informed and intelligent minority.
They constitute between 10 and 30 percent of the American nation and have very little political power, but they are the best shot we have for sanity to stop the mad drive into catastrophy for the whole world.