Friday, January 05, 2007

How to Start a Civil War

Few westerners know that about 20% of Iraqi marriages are Sunni-Shia unions.

Just as few know that Saddam´s Baath party had a large membership of Shia as well as Sunnis and even Christians, like the vice minister.

When Saddam distributed weapons to civilians before the war, he gave them to Sunnis and Shia alike.

I watched a documentary on German TV, where a Shia woman from a poor neighbourhood in Bagdad was interviewed. She, a school teacher, wore traditional Shia clothing and in her free time she trained other religious Shia women in the use of fire arms.

At the beginning of the American occupation of Iraq, right after Bush´s "Mission accomplished", I read articles on Moqtada Sadr and his militia, and how admired he was in the poor areas of Iraq across any sectarian borders.

His people were doing the social work and ran clinics. His organisation was seen as non-corrupt similar to Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Palestine. Even Sunnis had his picture on the wall, especially after he offered to join the resistance in Fallujah.

When the Shia mosque was bombed, it was Sadr who blamed the Americans for it.

It would be very much out of character if it really were Sadr´s militias who were indiscriminately mass-murdering their Sunni neighbours.

According to many Iraqis, while there was a division between Kurds and Arabs in the north of Iraq, there never was a division between Sunnis and Shia before the war.

And although now, the Sadr militias are blamed for the sectarian violence, a few months back there came reports out of Iraq that the violence originated from some Badr brigade units, connected to Ahmed Chalabi, the ex-CIA assassin and neo-con agent responsible for the WMD lies.

In "Crime fighting or Crime Cover-up", the German blogger "Freace" asks if the bombing of the Basra police station really was what we were told in the mainline media.

According to BBC reports, it was apparently the same police building in which last year 2 special unit Brits wearing Arab clothes and driving a car full of explosives had been detained and arrested after they had shot several policemen. The building was then stormed by British troops to free those obviously false flaggers.

This time around, more than a 1000 Brits attacked this one building with only "very few police officers" in it. Then out came those contradicting accounts on the number of prisoners supposedly freed, from 178 to 127 to 76.

Nothing was mentioned as to where the supposedly tortured prisoners were hospitalized, and instead of using the building for other purposes, like a different police unit, it just was blown up.

Could it be that this supposedly rogue police unit was not so rogue after all, but just doing its job in finding evidence and witnesses as to who really is behind the "sectarian violence"?

Whatever the truth is about the Sunni-Shia divide, and the sectarian violence, the only parties profiting from a civil war, are Israel and her Zionist supporters in the west.

The plan to divide Iraq and all the other surrounding countries along sectarian and ethnic lines has been a Zionist dream stated in several policy papers for decades now.

I totally agree with the following editorial from the Institute for Islamic Services:

Execution Video Meant to Cause Shia-Sunni Conflict

"The leaking of the videotape of hanging of Saddam and the dialogue that was exchanged between Saddam’s executioners, handpicked by Americans, and the subsequent planting of stories in mainstream media that Saddam's hanging will be seen by Shia's as a welcome sacrifice on one of the Holiest days of Islam was a deliberate act meant to create a backlash amongst Muslims and a Shia-Sunni conflict in the Muslim world.

Americans have perfected the art of movies in which actors act out the pre-scripted scenarios and dialogues. Scenarios and dialogues which will have a certain impact on the minds of the audience.

Saddam was in American custody from the moment he was caught, his trial was an American trial, and his execution was carried out under American supervision. The puppet Maliki government had no say at all in this and as all puppets do, he had to go along with whatever was dictated by the Americans

The selection of the day of Eid-ul-Adha for hanging, the videoing, the pre-scripted “taunts” by hired hangmen, and the release of the video had the goal of creating a division between Shia and Sunni, and angering the Muslim youth in Europe and elsewhere.

Americans want to get rid of Moqtada Sadr, who stands in their way of delivering Iraq’s oil to the American oil companies, and what a better way to do that then to get the Sunni resistance in Iraq to turn their guns on Moqtada Sadr, rather than fight the Americans. The actors who were given the script to shout “Moqtada, Moqtada” to Saddam during his hanging was to incite Sunni feelings against the Shia. To show that the hanging was an act of Shia vengeance against the Sunni Saddam.

The second reaction that they wanted to achieve was for Muslim youth in Europe and elsewhere to resort to acts of terror. Americans know that Muslim youth is angry and many of them will be outraged and chatter about revenge, which is exactly what the Americans need in their “war on terror”, and to keep Europeans and Americans united in the Crusade against Islam and Muslims.

Muslims must not be stupid and fall into this trap of sectarian violence and acts of revenge."