Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Trace from Damascus leads to Mossad

Was Israel involved in the terror attack against the US embassy in Syria?

The German left-wing newspaper „Junge Welt“ on September 14, quotes the Syrian news-agency SANA stating that the 4 „Takfiri“ fighters belonged to the group of „Jund Al Sham“ . It is unclear who is behind this obscure organisation.
„Takfiri“ in Arabic means islamic extremists who fight against ordinary Muslims. „Jund Al Sham“ means something like „soldiers of Syria“ or „soldiers of the Levante“. When this group was founded in Afghanisthan it was said to have some loose connections to Al Qaida. After Afghanistan was conquered by the US army in fall 2001 not much more was heard about this group.
But 3 years ago on August 2003 a leading member of the Lebanese Hisbollah, Ali Hussein Saleh, was blown to pieces when he started his car. Saleh was responsible for connections between Hisbollah and armed Palestinian organisations. „Jund Al Sham“ claimed responsibility for the killing. Several other Palestinian and Shia Hisbollah leaders were killed after that.
On July 21, 2004 Ghaleb Awali was killed in the same way as his predecessor Saleh. Again „Jund Al Sham“ claimed responsibility.
Shortly before the Israeli war against Lebanon this summer, however, the Lebanese security service arrested a group of Mossad agents which was definitely responsible for the murder of Ali Saleh and Ghaleb Awali and for the murder of several Palestinians living in Lebanon. For all those murders „Jund Al Sham“ had claimed responsibility.

The supposedly Islamist group has a surprising lot of common interest with Israel.