Wednesday, January 25, 2006


President Chirac of France has indicated that the so-called "Nuclear Option" is thinkable against so-called "terrorist states".
The Chancellor of Germany, my home country, Angela Merkel has defended Mr Chirac´s remarks from critics within the German opposition parties.
Those government leaders of the biggest European countries have practically given the American and Israeli war-machine a green light for nuking Iran.

The war-crimes committed in the war against the Iraqi people were not committed in our, the German and the French name, the even worse crimes against the Iranian people will be.
I´m angry. I´m sad. I´m scared.
I knew that Ms Merkel as German Chancellor was not a good sign.
When Chancellor Schröder refused to rubber stamp the war against Iraq, I was so proud of him. I was so happy to be German, when I heard his speech in the Bundestag, when he said that the "power of the law" should rule and not the "law of power".
At that moment I was confident that we Germans had learned from history.
Cynics say, that the reason for Germany and France in not joining in with the Americans, was that those countries had opposing business interests in Iraq to the Americans.
But this at least was not the reason for Mr Schröder´s decision. I remember the media blast against him by all the pro-business media and generally by most all of the German media, even part of the publicly owned media.
I refuse to become a cynic dividing the whole world purely in business interests.
I refuse to believe in that dark and negative image of the human kind, which does not allow for ethical values.
I believe that in each one of us, is this ability for compassion and pure goodness, even politicians, even in capitalists.
Mr Schröder was the most business chancellor, the SPD, the German Social-Democrats ever had. In his office he was a German Tony Blair.
But he did not act like Tony Blair. In this short time span he became a compassionate and ethical human being, a person he used to be when he started to go into politics.
He possebly got the French President Chirac into the boat by pointing out French business interests going sour with an Iraq war. He might have gotten Russian President Putin in by pointing out that power would even shift more into the direction of the US when they would take over the whole Middle East, which in the long run would be dangerous to Russian sovereignity and interests. But Schröder was against the war for his love of ethics, ethics he might have compromised many times in his political career, but not this time, this one single time.

Ms Merkel is different. She has sold out all faith in human ethics a long time ago. And most Germans can feel it. Her party the "Christian Democrats", who actually have left pretense of the highest Christian value, the love of neighbour, quite a long time ago, had before the elections quite a bit of lead on Schröder´s SPD.
There had been quite a propaganda campaign against the SPD, by down-talking the German economy, which at the same time in reality had become the world-champion in export, far above the USA, still above Japan and even above the cheap wage, sweat-shop billion people country China. So while the high unemployment (high profit corporation were cutting down on personell, while also cutting down on paying taxes. Lacking those tax-revenues cities and towns were scrimping on public employment and work projects for small companies) and the so-called "economic problems" were causing the SPD government millions of votes, Ms Merkel was causing her own party to loose most of those votes again, just by being the parties front-runner, a person without charisma, unconvincing in her arguments and incapable of one single honest smile, that would reach her eyes.
As a conspiracy theorist I ask myself who, what economic big forces, pressed Ms Merkel, the vote-looser, on the CDU.
As a woman however I feel frustrated by her, the first female German Chancellor, one of very few female heads of government in the world. She sure makes us women look bad. She stands in a line with the British Margaret Thatcher and the American Condoleeza Rice, a woman without compassion or ethics, acting as if a woman in order to get respected in politics, must even act more cruel than a man.

And it makes me sad and angry. And it scares me.
But as a German and a woman I refuse to identify with Ms Merkel:

NOT IN MY NAME do I want the women and men of Iran being nuked, there homes, land and culture turned into radio-active rubble, their children being ripped to pieces, their future children condemned to life-long suffering of the consequences of radiation.
Who are the "terrorist states"?
Who terrorizes whom, threatening with the worst terrible destruction imaginable?

When Chancellor Schröder held his speech in the Bundestag, he knew, that chances were slim to stop the American war-machine, but he still refused to take part.
He thought, not in my name, the German name.
Now Schröder is no longer in power, now we Germans have to say it on our own:
so have the French, so have the other Europeans and so all the Americans of good will


If enough people say it, over and over again, the mothers to their sons, the sisters to their brothers, the children to their fathers, they will stop the war-machine, because they will stop the soldiers.
It still goes: "Imagine it is war, and nobody goes there!"