Friday, August 12, 2005

Talk to the Christians

On Wednesday, August 10, 2005 my friend Umkhalil wrote on her blog
"An Apology From a US Christian to Palestinians"
There she distances herself from the attitude of the Christian Zionists, represented by Jerry Falwell, who boasts: "The Bible Belt is Israel's safety net in the US"
and Ed McAteer, who promotes ethnically cleansing of the Palestinians from Palestine.
She writes:
"For their malice, for their perversion of Christianity, for their promulgation of lies regarding the Palestinian people and their history in Palestine, for their demonisation of the Palestinians, for their lack of regard for the dwindling numbers of their co-religionists in Palestine, for the lies that their leaders spew about God; i.e., "Those who promote a Palestinian state have placed themselves in alliance against God," for their incitement to hatred, for their advocating ethnic cleansing, for their role in promoting Israel's repressive measures in the occupied territories, for those who believe as does Gary Bauer, co-founder of Stand For Israel, that it is an "obscenity" to give up land for peace, and for their complete and total abdication of the Golden Rule, I apologize to the Palestinians on behalf of US Christians."

Here is the answer I wrote to her:

This was a very good post and I agree with you fully in your assessment of those socalled Christian leaders.
And as Christians we should distance ourselves from those leaders and even apologize for the crimes other Christians justify or even commit in the name of our religion.
However, I do not believe that McAteer actually represents any kind of "moral majority". His views are unethical and immoral. And I am convinced that the majority of Christians, even US Christians do believe in high ethical values. The trouble is that many Christians are totally misinformed.
There are being informed by mass-media which either bend the truth about Palestinians and other Arab people by emphasising on so-called terrorist attacks neglecting to mention Israeli state-terrorism or American military terrorism against the people of Iraq or those media outlets just blatently lie. And Fallwell and McAteer can use those lies for their hate-mongering politics.
I´ve met conservative American Christians who have changed their pro-Israel attitude when they had received more truthful information about the situation in Palestine.

There are religion-haters on the Left who say it is useless to talk to conservative Christians,for they all are nothing but fanatical haters.
This is not true.
It might take a while for the shocking truth to sink in, but in the long run more and more Christians are realizing that they have been misled, that some self-appointed leaders are false prophets and that in the spirit of Jesus Christ, we should not support the oppressors, but the oppressed in Palestine and in Iraq. For Jesus himself has during his life on earth been the spokesmen for the poor and the humiliated, and He himself has been tortured. Jesus has told us to see Him in those who suffer.

So while we probably cannot reach those immoral leaders, it is in my opinion paramount to not give up on their duped followers.
We as Christians ourselves need to find ways to get the truth out to those other Christians. We need to figure out how to do it best and most effectively.
And then miracles can happen. Like a tidal wave the truth will wash away all the lies, and true justice can finally have a fertile ground to grow in Palestine and in other places.