Saturday, June 11, 2005

Truth, Lies and a Change of Thinking

Many times I have repeated myself, saying, that truth is important, saying that if people only knew the truth, the corrupt governments would fall.Some disagree with me, they think that most people aren´t interested in the truth.
I sometimes ask myself, if they are right, and I´m just biased by own feelings.

And of course I see things through the lense of my own experiences.
I wrote before, that I´m Catholic now, but have belonged to another church for many years. I went to that other church as a young girl, because I was promised a better and more harmonic family life in there, and this was so very important for me. There was also the matter of no smoking and drinking, which also was important to me. I could be abstinent and my peers would no longer make fun of me. Outsiders would respect my choices,no longer urging me to have a drink, and young people inside would be just like me.
And yes, much of what I was promised came true.
Yes,I missed a certain spirituality, which for me is combined with catholic rites and prayers. But I didn´t even realize how much I had missed it, before I rejoined the Catholic church again, that was after I had left this other church.
What actually made me leave, was, that I had found out, that the founding narrative of that congregation was a bunch of lies;
not honest errors,mistakes or even delusions, I could live with that. Everybody makes mistakes and one person´s delusion is another one´s spiritual experience.
No, they were bold deliberate lies. And this is, what I can´t live with.
Some atheists tell me, that all Christian faith and all other religions, for that matter, are built on deceptions.
No,I say, they are not.
The events described in their holy scriptures happened a long time ago, no longer really verifiable, and those who talked or wrote about those events believed in them with all their hearts. In ancient religions you can also find ancient wisdom, an insight that goes deeper than any historic narrative.
You might call the belief in the presence of the Divine a delusion, but I have seen delusional thinking in a lot of modern ideologies and even in some scientific theories. The difference often lies in your point of view.
I think the absolute and ultimate truth lies beyond human understanding, in a world beyond three or even four dimensional thinking.
So while truth, in my opinion, never is relative or arbitrary, however it neither is ever final or absolute. Our view on spiritual, scientific and even historic truth has to be revised over and over again, to come closer to the final truth, while we realize that we never will reach it.
But while the final truth is beyond our reach, we are quite able to recognize lies, and debunk them. A lie is, when somebody tells deliberatly something he knows it isn´t true, or he twists facts in such a way, that they disguise their true meaning.

Most people have lied in their lives for different reasons. And in modern society, especially in the media, lies are no longer portrayed as unethical.
And still, deep down in ourselves, we know, that lies are wrong. Lying destroys trust. Too much broken trust destroys a society. Maybe the upper class and their intellectual lackeys can reason these facts away.
But we, the little people, know intuitively, that lying is destructive. And this is, what we teach out children, it´s ancient truth, religious, yes, and very valid.
And then, when we hear, that some trusted politicians have lied big time, we still are shocked. So shocked actually, that some of us will fall into denial. This denial protects their sense of security.They tell themselves, it wasn´t a lie. That politician just made a mistake, had some wrong information, maybe.
Some American people, I know, voted for Bush, because they honestly believed, that he was a man of integrety. They were disgusted by a political system where people openly lied.
Of course, to see any kind of integrety in the Bush government is a serious delusion. Those guys are some of the worst liars who have ever walked on the face of the earth.
To realize this will be a very hurtful experience for many people. The wall of denial cannot be broken by a few missing WMD. This could be an honest mistake.
The truth about 9/11 could brake the wall of denial.
September 11, 2001 was the day, when I fell into shock for hours.
Nothing came through, but the thought, that now WW III will start. It was not logical, why should an act of terror start a world war. But those pundits kept repeating, America is under attack, over and over again.
And I could no longer think, for it felt like the war had started.
Maybe it was something in the Bush speech, I don´t remember -
I was in shock - I couldn´t think - stared at the TV - watched those towers implode - over and over again - for hours - all day long - scared - just scared - feeling the bombs would fall soon - the world would end.
The next day, German politicians said: "We are all Americans now."
It took days to get over the shock, not only for me, for others, too.
It took a whole year, until I started to think again. When they started to plan after Afghanistan also an attack on Iraq and when a German magazine printed an article on the PNAC papers, then I first thought maybe they deliberately didn´t stop those attacks.It was like loosing the ground under my feet to even consider this.
But there it was, the doubts were there and my mind started to open up for many other questions as well.
When I look around myself, talk to others, I have found out, that it´s no longer very hard to saw doubts about the official 9/11 story. Most people have started to have their own doubts, most are glad, to be able to talk about them, feeling they aren´t alone. And from this, and the stubborn denial of all main-line media, to the realization for the little people, that they can no longer trust those media pundits, from there, the step to new and more independent thinking is but a small one.
The issue of Palestine, the issue of the Iraq war, the issue of planned wars against Iran or Syria, the possible false flag operations to instigate civil war in Iraq or Lebanon, all this is interrelated.
When 9/11 is debunked, false flag operations will no longer work, the population of the West will no longer support a crusade against the Muslim world. The pressure on Israel will be stronger.
I´m absolutely convinced that the truth about 9/11 is one the major keys to fight against the crimes of Imperialism. It is not the only key, other lies need to debunked as well.
But I think it is the easiest key to obtain, because there are millions of people who are already reaching out for it.
Sorry to say, but most of them do not belong to the progressive left.
Why this is so, in my opinion, is subject for another post.