Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cut Backs and Paranoia


Steve Maich from the Canadian publication MACLEANS writes puts up the question "Is America going broke". In an interview David Walker the Comptroller General of the United States explains, that
that plush North American lifestyle to which we've all grown accustomed has been bought on credit, and the bill is rapidly nearing its due date. If the United States can't find a way to pay up, the results will spill beyond national borders, spreading economic misery far and wide
And this way to "pay up" would have to be by raising taxes and cut down on spending:
Walker stresses the need to make "tough decisions," and none will be tougher than tackling the runaway costs of providing health-care coverage for the elderly and the poor. Health spending in the U.S. is projected to jump 63 per cent by 2010, and to continue rising even faster after that. Most analysts agree that, at some point, the government must find a way to clamp down on those costs, yet any cuts in coverage are sure to raise an outcry from the swelling ranks of senior citizens -- a highly influential voting bloc.
Academics have proposed such reforms as a national retail sales tax, a luxury tax and a rollback of all tax cuts enacted since 2001. Others are calling for increased funding for the Internal Revenue Service to catch tax cheaters. Many insist there must be increases to Medicare premiums, as well as massive cutbacks in a wide range of social programs.

If these cut-downs and tax-raises are not done, then in a few years debts will rise to such a height, that the basics, like education, environmental programs and the legal system can no longer be afforded.
National Security is mentioned fleetingly, but military spending it never even was taken seriously into account as having to be cut down as well.
Right now the United Stated spends more money on weapons and "intelligence" than all other countries of the whole world combined and still a cut down in this is not considered a serious option in an extremely serious fiscal crisis?
Even just cutting down military costs by half would probably get the US out of debts in a short time.
Are those economists blind or why don’t they consider this option?
Maybe it’s just American paranoia, believing, that if America cannot threaten the whole world with destruction at the same time, all countries of the world will combine, attack and destroy America.
Maybe it is also the realisation that America has committed so many heinous crimes against humanity in the last few decades that the rest of the world will want revenge.
America projects its own crimes on the rest of the world and hates the rest of the world for them and therefore fears the world in a paranoid way.
America, even secular America, is totally Old-Testamentarian. Founded both on Puritan ethics and on Secular Supremacism, America does not believe in repentance through apologizing and forgiveness.
In this American believe salvation does not come by regretting what was done wrong, repenting and doing better from now on.
In this paranoid believe system salvation comes by faith alone, faith not in the humble, suffering redeemer, who identifies himself with the poor, humble and suffering of the world, not in the Prince of Peace but in the King of Power and Might.
And so while more and more starving its own people at home, especially the poor, the old and the weak, in selfaggrandizement America is showing the outside world the face of a mighty blood-thirsty warrior.
But paranoia is extremely bad for your health and self-aggrandizement is bad for your relationships. In the end, paranoid fears could become self-fulfilling prophecies.